it's a freak show for your ears

Somatoast has become a quintessential name in the world of psychedelic bass music without ever having latched on to the label. Mark’s sound is diverse and ever-evolving. Ranging from psybient downtempo to glitchy bangers, he never settles for stagnation among any one style or tempo. Yet, each song is distinctly his. Such a concoction welcomes experimentation and emotion on the dance floor both in the music and the listener— ushering a fresh and unique take on electronic music and the sound system experience.

Somatoast’s album ‘Creation is Creation’ clocked a combined 300,000 plays within the first month of release. Across multiple albums, he has sold over 2000 vinyl records and counting, often selling out the pressings within a day or two. Somatoast’s tour history expands internationally, including plays in Australia, Mexico, Israel and Canada.


* as of august 2023. monthly listener count fluctuates.


Album in Review

Since its release in February 2022, Creation is Creation has:

*as of september 2023

Tour History

US Venues

Cervantes 2023 (Sold Out)

Meow Wolf Denver 2023 (Sold Out)

The Pourhouse - Snowta Pre-Party 2022 (Sold Out)

The Orpheum Theater NOLA (Supporting Tipper)

Salvage Station (Supporting Papadosio)

Brooklyn Mirage (Supporting Detox Unit)

The Boulder Theater (Supporting Clozee)

The Berkeley Theater (Supporting Infected Mushroom)

Aisile 5 ATL

Emo’s Austin (Supporting Infected Mushroom)

Meow Wolf (Santa Fe)

Terminal West (Atlanta)

Cervantes Other Side (Sold Out)

The Black Box (Denver)

Alex Grey’s CoSM (New York)

The Mohawk (Austin)

Asheville Music Hall (Asheville)

Whiskey Bar (Portland)

Nectar Lounge (Seattle)

The Bluebird (Denver)

Terraform (Houston)

The Howlin’ Wolf (New Orleans)

The Parish (Austin)

Haven (Nevada City)

Empire Control Room & Garage (Austin)

Deep Ellum Art Company (Dallas)

Your Mom’s House (Denver)

Wormhole Wednesday (Oakland)

Wormhole Tahoe (Lake Tahoe)

VooDoo Room (Austin)

Last Exit Live (Phoenix)

Soundpieces (San Francisco)

George’s Majestic Lounge (Fayetteville AR)

Tea Time (Brooklyn)

Stella Blues (New Haven)

The Strand (Providence)

Further Farms (Nashville)

Synergy Glass (St. Petersburg)

TK Lounge (Tampa)

Spin Night Club (San Diego)


US Festivals

Tipper and Friends Suwannee 2023

Secret Dreams 2023, 2022

Infrasound Equinox 2023, 2021

Submersion 2023

Ohm on the Range 2023

Solasta 2022

Resonate Suwannee 2021

Tipper & Friends 4321 Eclipse 2017

Elements Music Festival 2017

Infrasound Music Festival 2017

Sound Haven Music Festival 2021

Bigfoot Electro

Astral Lights


Art Outside

Lunar Tide

Psychedelic Sleepover

Great North Music & Arts Festival


Co:Creation Music Festival

Cascadia NW

Pirate Party



Australia (2020)

Earth Frequency Festival (Supporting Clozee)

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Where The Wild Things Are

Byron Bay w/ Clozee



Fusion Culture 2019

Fusion Culture 2022



Kupuri Fest



Luminosity Gathering

Sur Les Tois Du Monde


Vinyl Sales


Albums & EPs

Mythlogy: 10 Years of Somatoast - 2023 - Vinyl/Digital

Creation is Creation - 2022 - Vinyl/Digital - Gravitas Recordings

Dreamhop Jazzytime - 2020 - Vinyl/Digital

Dreamhop Jazzytime: Remixed - 2020 - Digital

Thicc Magicc - 2020 - Digital

Live Dreaming - 2019 - Vinyl/Digital - Gravitas Recordings

Spit Swisha - 2018 - Digital

Unraveling (Somatoast & Zonra) - 2017 - Digital - Shanti Planti

Goop - 2016 - Digital - Gravitas Recordings

Tiny Things - 2014 - Digital - Shanti Planti

Withinity - 2013 - Digital - Gravitas Recordings

Liberation Through Hearing - 2012 - Digital

Singles, Compilations & Remixes

Melt - 2023

Anthem of Fun - 2023

Somatoast & Drrtywulvz - Smashville - 2022 - Shanti Planti

Savej - One Truth (Somatoast Remix) - 2021 - Gravitas Recordings

Hullabalo0 - Smoons (Somatoast Remix) - 2021 - Street Ritual

Erothyme - Panther Crick (Somatoast Remix) - 2021

Kaya Project - Seed (Somatoast Remix) - 2020

The Ever Descending Elevator - 2020 - Headroom Music Collective

Fig Tree of Your Imagination - 2020 - Shanti Planti

Lunar Biscuit - 2020

Desert Dwellers - One That Shows The Way (Somatoast Remix) - 2020

Why Are You Hitting Yourself? - 2019 - Shanti Planti

Persnickety Swivet - 2019

Don’t Worry Be Happy - 2018

Somatoast & Zonra - Chimera - 2018 - Shanti Planti

Call of the Void - 2017 - Desert Trax

In a Sense - 2016 - Saeiound

Jerry’s Mind - 2014 - Shanti Planti

Jerry’s Dream - 2014 - Merkaba Music

Quanta - Center of the Lamp (Somatoast Remix) - 2013 - Shanti Planti